Web Store Terms and Conditions

What does this cover?

These terms are meant to define the agreement for purchase of stock castings or products from the RichmondIron.com web store using the RichmondIron.com checkout pages, carts, payment and shipping forms as hosted on RichmondIron.com. Custom castings or castings sold to trades as wholesale items or trade only items are not covered by these terms.

Who are included in this agreement?

Richmond Iron is a brand of O. K. Foundry Co., Inc., and all of our agreements and commitments are from O. K. Foundry Co., Inc. as represented by our employees and delegates. Anyone operating the RichmondIron.com website or corresponding by e-mail from RichmondIron.com or OKFoundry.com is authorized to make agreements with our customers.

Richmond Iron and O. K. Foundry Co., Inc. are reached at the e-mail address WebStore@RichmondIron.com. Except for cases where e-mail communication is not possible or inconclusive, OK Foundry will intend to communicate primarily by e-mail to allow for efficient customer service and to be able to keep a record of communication for quality control.

For purposes of web purchases on RichmondIron.com, OK Foundry assumes it is making a purchase agreement with the person who is interacting with the shopping cart software and the owner of the e-mail address provided during checkout. We will also assume that the person named during checkout and the Billing Address is the same person as the owner of the e-mail address.

For all purposes of validating identity, honoring commitments, communicating order status, making refunds or resolving disputes, OK Foundry relies upon the e-mail address provided at checkout to identify the person who we are making obligations and commitments. OK Foundry does not disallow or prevent ambiguous identity information during checkout as long as the order can be successfully processed and cannot disambiguate identities for refunds, claims of fraud, or other potential issues of using multiple identities within a single order. All resolutions from OK Foundry will be made to the owner or user of the e-mail address provided during checkout.

How Fast?

All purchases from RichmondIron.com and OK Foundry are fulfilled directly from our foundry works in Richmond, Virginia by employees and delegates are also making castings and doing other foundry work. The stock status and inventory amounts shown in the web store should be accurate and we intend to maintain stock and systems for quick shipment, but we ask our customers to have some patience for the time it may take us to handle requests, updates and correspondence. Typically, we should be able to answer any question within 2 business days.

Although we may need up to 2 business days to answer some requests, any update, addition or cancelling of an order using the web interface is reflected immediately in our Order Status and will update the processing of an order when making, packing or shipping is done. Likewise, e-mails will be reviewed prior to making final packing and shipment, so if you haven’t heard from us, it does not mean that your changes are not made.


OK Foundry relies upon PayPal to allow secure and anonymous payments and transactions with customers. Any refunds from OK Foundry to customers for orders will be made back to the original PayPal account used in the checkout process. If customers use PayPal accounts loaned to them by other people or if they use guest accounts with incorrect identity information, there may be problems providing refunds and the PayPal resolution process may also not work correctly.

OK Foundry does not know who owns the PayPal account of a purchase transaction, or if it is the same person as the owner of the e-mail address provided to us during checkout.

In all cases, OK Foundry will intend to make refunds or financial transactions back to the PayPal account used to originate a purchase transaction. We can resolve difficult situations, but they will take more time.


OK Foundry ships all packages by UPS Package under the OK Foundry UPS account. Customers may pay for shipping based on the UPS calculated shipping costs, but OK Foundry bears ultimate responsibility for the costs and payments to UPS package for the delivery.

OK Foundry relies upon customers to provide good shipping addresses during checkout which will allow for delivery by UPS without additional charges for re-delivery, inaccessibility, address errors, etc. Some difficulties are expected and either UPS will resolve them for free or OK Foundry will authorize additional costs for delivery.

In cases where delivery cannot be made without excessive additional charges or excessive customer service interventions, OK Foundry may have the shipment returned to OK Foundry and refund the customer the purchase amount.


OK Foundry intends to represent an accurate status of inventory and availability of stock products, terms and logistics such that all orders can be fulfilled in a timely fashion, but OK Foundry reserves the right to cancel orders with complete refunds at any time in case we believe a mutually successful fulfillment of the order is not possible.

Likewise, customers may cancel orders with full refunds up until the point when order specific packaging is done or labels are printed for shipment. Later breaking cancellations can be made, but we hope to avoid costly cancellations due to casual changes in plans.

Returns and Refunds

Due to the high costs of packaging, shipping and handling orders for individual items, OK Foundry does not intend to support returns and refunds for casual changes in preferences. OK Foundry provides high quality images and accurate descriptions of castings and products on the Richmond.com website and we ask that customers make decisions for purchase after some study of the qualities and features of our products.

A return of higher dollar items may be appropriate for some situations, but we hope to find other ways to solve problems with dissatisfaction, defects or fitness for use. Please be patient with us as we try to understand the problem and explore ways to provide complete satisfaction with your purchase, up to and including a return if necessary. It may take a little time and some correspondence, but we intend to find good solutions to any problem.

In all cases, OK Foundry will try to make a refund to the original PayPal account used to make the purchase, regardless of the identity of the owner of the PayPal account and whether than person is the same as the purchaser or location of delivery. OK Foundry does not know the identity of the owner of the PayPal account or have a way to validate the owner is the same as the purchaser.

Copyrights and Licenses

Richmond Iron and OK Foundry seeks to promote and share the traditions and culture of foundry work, castings and fine art and all images, copy and graphics found on RichmondIron.com can be used by others freely, without copyright restrictions. We would ask that attribution to RichmondIron.com as the source be made to help us get credit for our images with the internet robots, but otherwise we believe that repurposing images for other creative purposes should be made without distraction to our identity if that assists further creations.

RichmondIron.com is explicitly reserved for our use and the name Richmond Iron is also ours for exclusive use.

Governing Law and Venue of Disputes

The governing law for any transaction under this agreement is the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA and the venue of disputes is the Richmond District Court, Richmond, Virginia, USA.