Stock Designs for Cast Iron Treads and Risers

Solid cast iron treads and lighted cast iron risers engineered for typical installations

Stock Designs for Cast Iron Treads and Lighted Risers

Our stock designs incorporate the most popular details from our custom monumental stairs and 3D CAD design and engineering to offer solid cast iron treads that are easy to install and ready to perform as structural elements. Our treads are rigid self supporting elements which are simply supported at the ends at by two bolts.

The Z Tread is an open riser design that meets codes for riser opening height by including a turn down lip at the nose and a turn up flange at the rear of the tread. A cast iron tread is a complete solution of rigid step support and a timeless statement of functional elegance.

Lighted cast iron risers are a solution for illuminated stair treads in combination with a cast iron tread like The University or treads supplied by others. Our art glass prisms turn inexpensive LED backlighting solutions into sparkling crystals of light.

The University Solid Cast Iron Tread

A solid cast iron stair tread with traditional detailing ideal for use with lighted cast iron risers.

Cast iron risers with glass prisms.

Lighted Cast Iron Riser

Cast iron risers with glass prism lights to reveal LED backlighting. Use with The University tread or any tread by others.

Z Tread

A riserless tread design for a complete stepping solution with a solid cast iron tread.