Restoration Castings

Accurate reproductions of original castings for historic restoration

Reproduction Castings for Historic Restoration

Richmond Iron can reproduce any historic sand casting from an original casting sample or even substantial broken pieces of an original casting. Many restorations only require a few castings to be replaced in their entirety and Richmond Iron has developed artisanal and advanced technology solutions for reproducing even singular castings economically.

For large scale reproductions or historic reproductions from limited original source materials like photographs or drawings, Richmond Iron can provide complete casting design services including 3D CAD modeling and rendering.

Direct Sand Molding for Reproduction Castings

Historic cast iron can be reproduced by directly sand molding an original casting. Reproductions are 1% smaller than the original, but they are otherwise exact reproductions of the original and even the smallest details are captured and reproduced. Direct molding small numbers of casings avoids the costs of a foundry pattern.

Traditional Foundry Patterns for Efficient Casting Reproduction

A traditional foundry pattern enables economical reproduction of historic castings in contemporary foundries and by using advanced hard pattern techniques like flexible urethane loose pieces Richmond Iron can reproduce intricate castings in a volume casting process.

Historic Restoration Projects by Richmond Iron