48" Cast Iron Stair Tread - The University

A traditional solid cast iron stair tread design that is structural and self supporting for use with lighted cast iron risers or alone for open riser designs.

Nominal Tread Width: 48″
Casting Width: 48″ +0″, -1/8″
Assembled Tread Depth: 11″ (Nose to nose distance)
Material: Grey Cast Iron
Weight: 124 lbs.
Finish: Black Max, Converted Rust Patina
Availability: Made to Order
Lead Time: 8 weeks
Minimum QTY: 10
List Price: $484.07
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The University solid cast iron stair tread is a traditional design with a full 1″ diameter full round bullnose and diamond pattern relief surface. The 3/4″ thick solid cast iron tread is structural and self supporting when properly attached to structural steel stringers. The University tread was designed for assembly with our lighted cast iron risers or as a stand alone structural tread for open risers or risers by others.


– Structural and fully self supporting over width. Engineered and rated for deflection over the stair width when properly attached at stringers with approved fasteners. No support by the riser or other spanning steel required.

– 11″ minimum tread depth measured nose to nose of adjacent tread in typical installation. Exceeds IBC tread depth requirements.

– 1″ nosing projection from face of riser for comfortable code compliant stepping support.

– Integrally cast diamond traction relief pattern and nosing fluting for a traditional appearance and secure traction surface.

– 7/8″ tall nosing turndown allows for a wide range of riser heights with concealed riser to tread fitup gap.

– Includes 7/16″ drilled and countersunk holes for 3/8″ fasteners.

– Finished with durable black iron patina for easy to maintain “no paint” finish.

Data Sheets and Drawings

Richmond Iron Product Data Sheet, PDF:

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