48″ Cast Iron Stair Tread – The University

Solid cast iron stair tread with traditional details like a 1″ diameter round nosing with ogee turn down lip and fully contoured diamond traction relief pattern on stepping surface. Standard finish is paint free rust converted black patina.

Nominal Tread Width: 48″
Casting Width: 48″ +0″, -1/8″
Assembled Tread Depth: 11″ (Nose to nose distance)
Material: Grey Cast Iron
Weight: 124 lbs.
Finish: Black Max, Natural Rust Converted Patina
Availability: Made to Order
Lead Time: 8 weeks
Minimum QTY: 10
List Price: $484.07

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The University solid cast iron stair tread is a traditional design with a full 1″ diameter full round bullnose, turndown ogee lip and diamond pattern relief stepping surface. The 3/4″ thick solid cast iron tread is structural and self supporting across its width when bolted on the ends to structural stringers. The University tread was designed for assembly with our lighted cast iron risers or as a stand alone tread for open risers or risers by others.


– Structural and fully self supporting over tread width. Engineered and rated for deflection of less than L/360 over the stair width when properly attached at stringers with approved fasteners. No support by the riser or other spanning steel required.

– 11″ tread depth measured nose to nose of adjacent tread in typical installation.

– 1″ nosing projection from face of riser for comfortable stair climbing.

– Integrally cast diamond traction relief pattern and nosing fluting for a traditional appearance and secure traction surface.

– 7/8″ tall ogee nosing turndown allows a range of stair rise from 6 1/2″ to 7″ with standard 5 5/8″ riser casting. The nosing turn down hides the riser height allowance to make installation flexible for a range of step rises. Tread installation does not require a riser for support.

– Includes 7/16″ drilled and countersunk holes for 3/8″ fasteners. Fasteners not included.

– Finished with durable rust converted black iron patina for easy to maintain “no paint” finish. Black iron patina finish maximizes the inherent no-slip properties of sand cast iron with diamond relief pattern. Optionally furnished as bare metal casting ready for paint coating by others.

Manufacturing and Availability:

The University tread is cast in our foundry from 100% recycled scrap iron and steel and standard widths are available as made to order and shipping from the foundry typically within 10 weeks. The rust converted patina typically requires a minimum of 6 weeks time for proper rust bonding and bare metal treads can be shipped in 4 to 6 weeks. The most common widths may be stocked for quick shipment.

Standard widths are any 2″ increment from 36″ to 54″.  The most common widths are 36″ and 48″.

Treads are shipped by LTL carrier motor freight to tractor trailer truck accessible business addresses only. Notification delivery and power lift gate service can be provided, but appointment deliveries or deliveries to job sites without set down yards are not supported and the customer must provide shipping.


Treads are offered for sale to construction trades on a project basis and must be quoted for size and project quantity. Shipping details must be provided to include freight in quote.

Data Sheets and Drawings

Richmond Iron Product Data Sheet, PDF:

Product Data Sheet Link (PDF)

2D CAD drawing of casting product, PDF:
Additional 2D CAD drawing of casting product, PDF:

Casting Drawing Link (PDF)

2D CAD drawing of typical assembly, PDF:
Product data sheet for coating or finish, PDF:

Product Data Sheet Link (PDF)

Additional Information

Applications and usage of Black Max rust conversion patina. 

Link to example project using tread and riser castings from Richmond Iron.