Palmer Fence, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Iron reproduced cast iron fence panels and cast iron posts for Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia to completely restore the Palmer family plot fence. The rinceau style cast iron fence panel is a spectacular example of a contiguous cast iron fence panel. To restore the Palmer fence a single curved fence panel was required at the end of each line of panels where they meet at an angle. The pattern makers at Richmond Iron created a rubber loose pattern that could be used to cast all of the flat cast iron fence panels and then could also be used to cast the curve panel to exactly fit the profile needed for the granite curbing.  Cast iron posts were also reproduced to anchor the ends of the lengths of cast iron panels.

This same historic rinceau cast iron fence panel can be seen in front of the 1857 Bolling Haxall House, now the Woman’s Club, 1879 Davis House on Clay Street and the 1895 Byrd House on Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia.