Russian kettlebells made in the USA

Our Kettlebells

Our kettlebells are inspired by the classic Russian style cast iron kettlebell pictured in Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell!  As Pavel said, “It’s a cannonball with a handle.”

But it’s more than that, and we admired the perfectly proportioned handle and the gentle curve of the kettlebell horns with just enough room for two hands but not too much room for just one. The classic design gets it right.

Pavel and the RKC brought us the kettlebell, O. K. Foundry brings the iron.

O. K. Foundry Co., Inc. has been making cast iron since 1912 and our kettlebells are poured in sand with premium gray cast iron at 2600 degrees. The same gray iron used for demanding engineering castings or the finest historic restorations of Richmond Iron.

A cast iron kettlebell is an elemental object, a direct rendering of iron by melting and pouring into sand using sweat and electricity. Our finish honors these elements. We sand the handles by hand then blacken the castings with an acid patina. Finally, we apply a hot bees wax coating to preserve the finish until you burnish the iron with the work of your own hands. A Richmond Iron kettlebell beautifully becomes your kettlebell.

100% Recycled Iron

Our kettlebells are poured with 100% locally sourced recycled cast iron and steel. All of our cast iron is made from specially sorted premium cast iron scrap and 10% scrap steel.

Domestic cast iron kettlebells are good for you and good for the planet.

Made in the USA

OK Foundry Co., Inc. was founded in 1912 and our kettlebells benefit from over a century of foundry know how.

A cast iron kettlebell will last a lifetime, and more. Kettlebells made sustainably and beautifully do more than make you strong, they connect you with a rich tradition of American industry.

No Paint, VOC Free Finishes

Our kettlebells are treated with a rust converting black oxide patina to embed color into the metal surface itself.  This hard and permanent color is then coated with hot bees wax and polished to touch.

There is no paint to chip or fail, nothing to get between you, your chalk, and freshly poured cast iron except a thin coating of bees wax. Over time the oils from your hands will make the iron yours.