Custom Cast Iron Stair Treads, Risers and Landings

Solid cast iron and cast iron with prism lights for treads, risers and landings

Custom Cast Iron Treads, Risers and Landings for Retail, Hospitality and Commercial Spaces

Custom cast iron stair treads and risers are a durable, structural and attractive choice for stairs in retail, hospitality and commercial spaces. Cast iron treads and landings can meet the most stringent structural and durability requirements for high traffic areas and options for glass prism risers and LED backlighting create flexible design options for high aesthetic impact.

Richmond Iron custom casts treads, risers and landings from foundry patterns rapidly designed in 3D CAD and CNC machined for low cost production of completely custom designed cast iron stairs. By combining cast iron risers with glass prisms and backlighting with commercial grade LED fixtures and controllers, a staircase designer can adjust the mood from romantic to modern around the familiar and durable cast iron tread system.

Monumental Cast Iron Stairs for Retail and Hospitality

Cast iron stairs with glass prism lights are statement making fixtures in retail and hospitality spaces. Cast iron treads and risers compliment redeveloped industrial spaces and imprint new spaces with a robust and timeless material texture. Modern LED lighting and glass prism lights in treads and risers transform archaic cast iron forms into elegant accents that come alive with crystal refracted light of any color or intensity.

Cast Iron Stair Treads

Cast iron stair treads are a complete solution for a structural step. Cast iron treads are self supporting structural elements which require minimal fabrication of stringers and supports for spans up to 54″ wide in typical profiles and can be custom detailed and finished for an entirely self contained functional and aesthetic treatment. A properly designed cast iron stair tread can be installed by most steel fabricators with minimal additional site finishing to achieve a turn key custom designed staircase. 

Lighted Cast Iron Stair Risers

Lighted cast iron risers with glass or acrylic prisms and LED backlighting turn stair risers into atmospheric superstars. Or, a solid cast iron riser is an easy attractive solution for code compliant stairs. Our structural cast iron treads free up the riser to be an aesthetic choice minimally integrated into the structure.

Lighted Cast Iron Treads and Risers

Cast iron treads and risers with embedded glass prisms transform solid and functional cast iron into a luminous architectural focal point. Custom castings from Richmond Iron can incorporate a little or a lot of glazing to provide just the right amount of accent lighting for a staircase.

Staircase Design

Custom cast iron stair treads, risers and landing panels are modeled in 3D CAD by Richmond Iron to allow CNC machining of foundry patterns for sand casting. All stairs have similar constraints to meet code and some details tend to repeat but every set of castings are designed and cast to order.

Black Patina Finish

Richmond Iron offers a durable, low cost, environmentally friendly black patina option for cast iron. Black Max, a polymerizing rust converter, permanently blackens natural rust for a beautiful and durable black patina finish. Naturally aging the cast iron imparts a tough rust coating that is sealed and blackened by Black Max. Since the cast iron is already rusted, it is resilient to future oxidation.

3D CAD Design of Treads, Risers and Landing Panels

Richmond Iron uses 3D CAD/CAM software to design all stair tread, riser and landing panel castings and FEA stress simulation can be done to ensure longer spans meet deflection limits.

Foundry Patterns for Custom Castings

Richmond Iron makes foundry patterns for cast iron stair treads, risers and panels using 3D CAD/CAM software and CNC milling for rapid foundry tooling and casting. Custom casting stair treads, risers and landing panels is a streamlined process that ensures efficient staircase assembly.