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Call us, send an e-mail, or use our web form to make an inquiry.  Most of our castings are made for the trades but some projects are shipped direct to property owners.

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Call Us at: 804-233-9675

Ask a foundry about custom architectural castings.

All inquiries go straight to our foundry for consideration. If you have drawings, models or images and you want a quote, send us what you have and consider using our File Upload tool for large files or images.

Most of our castings are custom and we don’t have a catalog, yet. But we’ve done so many custom projects, we may have an existing design that meets your needs. For home and garden items you might first want to check Ebay to see if there’s an antique item that you like. If it’s already been made, it’s going to be less expensive than a reproduction for small quantities.

Large projects

For quotes on large projects please use our File Upload¬†tool for large construction drawing sets. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough resources to sift through a complete set of plans to find the custom cast elements, but if you can provide a take-off list of the elements, quantities and drawing page references, we can provide an itemized estimate or quotation.