Cast Iron Posts and Railings

Custom cast iron posts, finials and panels for cast iron railings and fences

Custom Cast Iron Posts, Finials and Panels for Railings and Fences

Richmond Iron makes custom cast iron posts, finials and panels for wrought iron railings and fences. From single historically accurate reproductions of missing elements to full scale production of DOT and NYC MTA subway cast iron posts and railings.

Reproductions of Historic Cast Iron Posts

Richmond Iron reproduces historic cast iron posts for restoration or expansion of national heritage sites like the Thomas Jefferson Family Cemetery at Monticello. To capture every detail and faithfully reproduce the cast iron fence posts the pattern makers at Richmond Iron used advanced traditional foundry pattern making techniques like multiple loose piece parts in patterns and flexible urethane pattern components.

Cast Iron Posts

Custom cast iron posts elevate any railing or fence design. Even simple stock railing panels can look amazing with a custom cast iron post of heroic proportions or ornate decorative detail. The post anchors the design physically and aesthetically.

Start your design with a custom cast iron post replicating any historic design found at an architectural salvage shop, or a completely new modern design. The right cast iron post makes any railing look good.

Cast Iron Panels

Continguous cast iron railing panels are stunning features in railings and fences.

While rarely seen in modern designs, contiguous cast iron railing and fence panels are an efficient way to fabricate beautiful iron railings and fences, avoiding labor intensive welding of pickets and balusters.

Richmond Iron is uniquely capable of designing and casting contiguous cast iron panels for accurate restorations and new installations.