Blackened Rust Patina Finish

Blackened Rust for a Paint Free Finish on Cast Iron

Cast iron gets tougher by rusting, and a beautiful black iron patina can be created by converting rust to a durable black iron patina finish. Mature rust on cast iron is a protective coating and blackened rust forms an attractive, lifetime paint free finish on cast iron. Save the planet and skip the paint with cast iron from Richmond Iron and a blackened rust patina using Black Max from Rhomar Industries.

Blackened Rust for Interior Installations

Blackened rust is a durableĀ  patina finish for interior cast iron. Blackened iron emulates the natural black iron finish of wrought iron and hot forged metal and is a good choice for historic re-development projects.

Three Steps to Black Patina Finish with Black Max

Black Max rust conversion on cast iron.

Step 1

Force rust cast iron by exposure to water and weather. Requires 2 to 6 weeks to develop a good coating.

Applying Black Max rust conversion to cast iron.

Step 2

Apply Black Max solution to rusted cast iron. Wire brushing rust and applying multiple wet coats darkens conversion.

Cast iron with Black Max patina.

Step 3

Black Max is a water based solution and dries to the touch in 30 to 60 minutes. Black Max is ready for service or traffic in as soon as dry.

Technical Documents and Product Brochures

Neenah no paint recommendation cover thumbnail.
Neenah Foundry No-Paint Policy

A technical brochure from Neenah Foundry promoting the benefits of unpainted municipal castings

Black Max product brochure thumbnail cover.
Black Max Product Brochure

The product brochure and technical data for Black Max rust conversion product

Black Max application tip sheet.
Black Max Application Tip Sheet

Instructions for using Black Max