70 Greene Street, Cast Iron Vault Lights, NYC

Richmond Iron provided custom cast iron panels, trim piece castings and glass prisms for the building owners at 70 Greene Street to install their own glass prisms into the cast iron panels and install the new cast iron vault lights over their existing sidewalk vault.  Glass prisms and cast iron panels from Richmond Iron are a matched precision fit of custom designed glass prisms and cast iron which ensures efficient assembly of glass prisms into the panels following our technical specifications.

  These castings were finished with a blackened rust patina that is a lifetime finish.  The blackened rust patina will naturally age into a deep dark brown rust that protects the cast iron for life.  Cast iron streetscape fixtures like manhole covers are often installed without a paint coating since rust forms a protective coating on cast iron and a mature rust patina is an attractive and maintenance free finish on cast iron.  By forcing rusting and blackening the rust with rust conversion products, Richmond Iron is able to provide cast iron that looks like it has already been in place for decades and will last much longer.