401 Park – The Fenway, Boston, Cast Iron Staircase

In 2019 the historic 401 Park Building at The Fenway was updated to add park space, a food market and office space. A signature feature of the redevelopment was two grand staircases which connect the spacious indoor food market with the office spaces and building structure of the upper floors. The owners of 401 Park wanted materials that reflected the industrial heritage of the 401 Park Building and no other material signifies our industrial heritage like cast iron and steel.

Richmond Iron designed, cast and finished custom cast iron stair treads and cast iron stair risers with prism glass inserts to be installed by local fabricators. The cast iron stair treads are finished with a black converted rust patina befitting a building with aged black iron hardware and risers with glass prisms lit from behind to float and brighten the substantially heavy structure. The staircase anchors the space with timeless solidity while uplifting the spirit with sparkling illumination.