1505 West Ave., Cast Iron Porch Expansion

The original cast iron porch at 1505 West Ave., Richmond, Virginia was of cast iron posts, railings and brackets typical of mid 1800’s Richmond cast iron designs. Robert Winthrop in Cast and Wrought, The Architectural Metalwork of Richmond, Virginia gives credit for the Oak Leaf design of the railing panels and brackets to Richmonder Jacob F. Barnes. According to Winthrop the Oak Leaf design became the most common ornamental pattern in the city. But by 1860, Lownes offered 100 different designs.

Local artist Charlie Ponticello created foundry patterns from the original castings and Richmond Iron made reproduction castings to expand the original porch footprint. The original castings were re-used and the reproduction castings are indistinguishable from the originals. This is a stunning cast iron porch exhibiting patterns and styles unique to Richmond.