Architectural Iron, Bronze and Aluminum Castings

Custom castings direct from a foundry since 1912

Custom Cast Iron, Bronze and Aluminum

Foundrymen, artists and engineers work side-by-side at Richmond Iron, a brand of O. K. Foundry Co., Inc., to custom cast architectural elements and sculpture in gray iron, ductile iron, bronze and aluminum.

O. K. Foundry has been making architectural castings in Richmond, Virginia since 1912 and Richmond Iron was created to focus marketing on our architectural casting offerings.  Same people, same foundry, same company, just a fresh brand and distinct marketing for our custom architectural iron, bronze and aluminum castings.


Cast Iron Stair Treads, Risers and Landings

Richmond Iron makes custom cast iron stair treads, risers and landing panels.

Cast iron staircases are an economical upgrade to concrete stairs with several advantages.

  • Decorative
  • Structural
  • Anti-Slip
  • Environmentally Friendly

Cast Iron Subway Vault Panel Lights

Cast iron subway vault panel lights can be seen frequently in the sidewalks of SOHO NYC. Glass prisms set in cast iron panels were used in the late 18th and early 19th century to light basement spaces before electric light was available. Richmond Iron makes cast iron with glass prism lights to fit any configuration.  All castings are custom designed for size, appearance, support conditions and glass prism arrangement.

Castings for Historic Restoration

Richmond Iron makes accurate reproductions of original castings for historic restoration. With loose piece molding for single duplicates to industrial production quantities of reproduction castings, Richmond Iron can handle projects of any size.

Cast Iron Posts and Railings

A custom cast iron post elevates any railing.

Richmond Iron makes cast iron posts, panels and finials from historic originals or new designs.

Bronze Sand Casting

Richmond Iron makes bronze sand castings for architectural restoration, select housewares and fine art. Sand casting bronze can be an economical solution when the surface finish and detail of a ceramic shell casting is not required. Heavier and larger castings are a good fit for sand.

Cast Iron Sculpture

Richmond Iron has developed unique methods for large scale cast iron sculpture by using ductile iron and resin bonded sand molding. Ductile iron castings can be welded with steel filler rods for large pieces. The steel weld filler will rust and patina to the same color as ductile iron.