Architectural Iron, Bronze and Aluminum Castings

Custom castings direct from a foundry since 1912

Custom Cast Iron, Bronze and Aluminum

Richmond Iron makes custom architectural castings in iron, bronze and aluminum for historic restoration projects and new installations. Typical projects include building facades, staircases, fences and sidewalk vault panels. Richmond Iron is a complete source for restoration castings including 3D CAD design, traditional foundry patterns and patternless reproduction using 3D printed sand molds or direct sand molding from original castings.

Historic Restoration Castings

Original historic castings are reproduced using traditional foundry techniques and advanced digital methods like 3D printed sand molds.

Very small quantity reproductions are often made using direct sand molding for accurate and economical reproduction.

Cast Iron Stair Treads, Risers and Landings

Richmond Iron makes custom cast iron stair treads, risers and landing panels for monumental stairs.

Treads and risers can be made as solid cast iron or cast iron with glass prism lights for backlighting.

Ask about our new standard tread and riser designs.

Cast Iron Vault Panels with Glass Lights

Custom cast iron vault panels are made with glass prism lights for historic NYC sidewalk restoration.

Vault panels are also made for stair case landings and platforms with lighted pathways.

Custom Castings in Iron, Aluminum and Bronze

Richmond Iron makes fine art castings in sand with gray iron, ductile iron, bronze and aluminum.

Cast Iron Posts and Railings

Richmond Iron makes custom cast iron posts, panels and finials from historic originals or new designs.