Architectural Iron, Bronze and Aluminum Castings

Custom castings direct from a foundry since 1912

Custom Cast Iron, Bronze and Aluminum

Artists, engineers and foundrymen from O. K. Foundry Co., Inc. work side-by-side at Richmond Iron to make custom architectural castings in gray iron, ductile iron, bronze and aluminum. We make sand castings directly from original castings, traditional foundry patterns, CNC machined patterns or 3D printed sand molds.

Cast Iron Stair Treads, Risers and Landings

Richmond Iron makes custom cast iron stair treads, risers and landing panels as complete new designs or historic reproductions.

Cast Iron Posts and Railings

Richmond Iron makes custom cast iron posts, panels and finials from historic originals or new designs.

Cast Iron Subway Vault Panel Lights

Richmond Iron makes custom cast iron subway and sidewalk vault panel lights or pavement lights. We have three different stock designs for glass prisms,  a choice of gray iron or ductile iron and unlimited options for sizes and arrangements.

Historic Restoration Castings

Richmond Iron makes accurate reproductions of original castings for historic restoration. With loose piece molding for single duplicates to industrial scale casting, Richmond Iron can handle projects of any size.

NYC MTA Subway Castings

Richmond Iron makes castings for NYC MTA projects including classic subway entrance lamp posts, railings and posts. Richmond Iron makes subway castings in MTA specified Ductile Iron.

Bronze Sand Castings

Richmond Iron makes bronze sand castings for architectural restoration, select housewares and fine art.

Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze and Aluminum Art Castings

Richmond Iron makes fine art castings in sand with gray iron, ductile iron, bronze and aluminum. Ductile iron offers distinct advantages for welding large sculpture.